The Finger Lakes Cheese Trail is made up of 11 working family farms, each creating their own brand of artisanal and farmstead cheeses. 6 of these farms have farm stores, where you can buy our farm fresh cheeses. Several of our farms participate in farm markets, and you can get many cheeses there. Several markets, stores and wineries carry our cheeses throughout the Finger Lakes -- and beyond, and these are great places to find a variety of cheeses. And finally, several of our farms have online stores, where you can buy farm-fresh cheese from the comfort of your own home!

Remember, we are small, family run working farms and while we may have published hours, sometimes things come up. 

So for the best trip ever, call the farms before visiting. And always to dress comfortably with good walking shoes or sneakers. Heels are a really bad plan on a farm.

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